Knowledge, technical expertise and quality: product identity.

Satinox manufactures perfectly welded stainless steel bowls: they are made by hands to fit the machines used to knead and mix dough for the bakery and pastry sector as well as for the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.
The company was founded in 1982 in Marano Vicentino and, since then, it has been a strong believer in the value of manual metalwork fabrication.

Bowls made by Satinox are CE certified and fully Made in Italy, which means they are robust, versatile and long-lasting: in fact, all bowls are made by expert and specialised workers who are able to understand the requirements of the clients and manufacture tailor-made products.
Technical expertise and knowledge go hand in hand with the quality of the materials and the ability to turn traditional artisan metalwork fabrication into expert joining technique.

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