Flexibility, precision and transparency

Satinox has been providing its services and supplying its products world-wide, both to artisans and large-scale enterprises. This flexibility makes the company reliable and efficient, and ensures that production targets are met.

Since its foundation in 1982, Satinox has based its growth on some essential principles such as the quality and robustness of its bowls. The company can count on a team that works together with passion and professional expertise, uses high-quality materials and is continuously fine-tuning its metal fabrication and welding techniques, which make the bowls very robust and able to be fitted in any type of mixers.

Strict compliance with the drawings, the painstaking attention to tolerances along with machining precision guarantee tailor-made products of any shape and size.
Furthermore, during the production cycle an operator records all the information needed to identify the products, which means that each bowl is totally interchangeable over time.

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